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Personalized nutritional plans based on your preferences, goals and needs. Vegan, vegetarian, anti-inflammatory, balanced – we have it all! Exclude ingredients, change meals, add your own ingredients and search over 1000 recipes


My name is Marie nicknamed Fit Bymary, I’m a personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach with a love of all things health and wellness.

I am a mother of 2 children, I lead an active and professional life in the insurance field

My passion for fitness began during the 2020 lockdown in my house, where it was just me, my dumbbells and my phone.

I define myself as a passionate, determined woman and above all a joy of life that I like to share.

I believe in a balanced lifestyle where passion reigns and hard work takes precedence to achieve your goals.

I am also delighted to welcome you to my new app. With exclusive workouts and new content, it’s a space where we can explore, learn, challenge and build stronger bodies and minds together.

Education empowers us and empowerment builds self-confidence. So expect to learn while we practice! We’ll cover the fundamentals of training, spicing things up to keep it fun.

Get strong, fit and confident with my home workouts. Welcome to my application and my channel.

I pride myself on inspiring and motivating people around the world on my social media channels.

What you’ll find here: full workout videos, HIIT and bodybuilding workouts, healthy recipes, oh and lots of good positive vibes 😉

I strive to be the best version of myself, I am passionate about sharing my journey with you. I hope you find it inspiring along your own journey.


I created glute sessions because I thought there was a lack of good glute programs on the market! Many women want to train their entire body, but focus more on the glutes than, say, the biceps. I am one of these women myself! I will have you training your lower body 3 days a week and the other two days will be split between upper body and fun tempo moves!

You'll never get bored with this plan!


(Lower Abs, Upper Abs + Obliques) TOTAL CORE/AB Routine)


Let's be honest, we don't all have the opportunity to spend hours at the gym every day BUT we all have the right to feel better!

This program is all about hitting every muscle group, what studies have shown is that you should do at least three times per week to get the best progress possible!

This plan will help you! Three effective and quick sessions of 20 to 40 minutes. LET’S GO!


Your quest for a sculpted, toned and strengthened upper body without using any equipment ends here. The Upper body bodyweight training program for women is waiting for you!

With FizzUp you will transform your upper body in no time without using dumbbells, bars or machines.


9.99 Month


99.99 Year

Motivate your mind and your body will follow. Join me on my fitbymary app to enhance yourself.

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